Monday, October 13, 2014

Cold and Dreary? Yeah!

Today's weather is.... raining and chilly...I love it!

The clock says...6pm

I can hear...the wind whipping branches against my window and the sounds of Celtic music coming from my daughter's room.

I am reading....Suicide and Spirits (about the Lemp family)

The last book I finished....I am Haunted

Outside my window...branches, a fence and the yellowed house next door

 The last movie I saw.....none

I am thinking......about my mother

In the quiet and dark

 I am going... back to bed for I am with a serious cold.

I am pondering....what embroidery technique I will be teaching in my class.

 I am looking forward trip to Galveston

 What am I praying for.....peace for my youngest and abundance!

Around the quiet for the most part; the oldest is listening to Celtic music, the youngest doing her schoolwork for college and the husband playing video games.

 I am painting techniques

One of my favorite this lovely weather

Steps towards simplicity....getting back to basics in art. At the moment making a 18 foot rag rug and primitive embroidery.

  A peek into my day....did menial chores, meditation, gave husband list of items to get at the store, made cup of licorice tea with toast. Since I'm weak due to being sick, retired back to bed for rest.  

 A few plans for rest of week....take the kid to school, prepare pumpkins, research history on the Galves and several residential homes in Galveston that are up for investigation.

Something I would like to do this week..... get over this cold.

  Favorite moment this week......snuggling with my youngest...who also has a cold.

Newest passion....sketching

Source of inspiration.....Effy Wild

A picture worth sharing......

(youngest with dear friend at sunflower camp)

Now that we are having cooler autumn weather, I'm more inclined to work on more basic creative designs. At the moment, for my youngest, I am making an rag rug that is eighteen feet long!  The more I work, the heavier it becomes! I doubt there will be any problem with it sliding across the floor. It's pink and white with 3 shades of blue(see photo above). This is really a good thing to work on during the colder, darker days.

I have the tendency to start long term projects and then tuck them away for later. Now I am gravitating towards that embroidery projects that have been stored away.

My favorites are the primitive colonial style...

 I am definitely looking forward to cold miserable weather and a needle in my hand!

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