Tuesday, October 7, 2014


My poor baby boy is sick. He has spent four days in the local animal hospital. He had a gastrointestinal issue that left him unable to walk, sit or literally move in any way. He's now home but weak. The reason? Raiding the cat litter box.

He literally lives in my daughter's room, who happens to have a cat or two in there as well. So I had no idea of what the little squirt was doing. Now he resides in our bedroom; a non-cat zone.

When a family goes through something like this with a family pet, it makes you realize how an animal (or two or seven) impacts our lives. I have several cats and one dog yet I cannot think of life without them. The last few days I have thought about what would happen if Lightning had to be put down...it wasn't a good time. I couldn't visualize this house without him. I was just as worried as I would be if one of my girls were faced with this.

Regardless what form they take, certain parts of humanity enter our lives for a reason. They are nothing but pure positive energy to guide us on the path of our own humanity. And it we fail them, then what does that say about us as individuals or as a society as a whole?

As for me, I think they make us better humans than if they did not come into our fold.

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