Monday, October 13, 2014

Rain, Rain Come My Way

Autumn arrived here in North Texas in a big way....storms. Lots of sounds, lights and rain. As I sit here now, claps of thunder with flashes of lightnings fill the air.  And that is alright.

There is just something about rain that inspires and exhilarates me.

It stirs my need to create and my desire to evaluate and basically ponder my existence. Storms are a strange occurrence indeed. Did you know that houses near flowing water are more likely to be haunted? There are times that I don't know what is stronger, water or the moon.

The past few months, I decided to get out of my rut and remove the negative elements of my life. Several friendships were kicked to the curb during this. The negative elements of thier life began to have an adverse effect on my own. I realized things that they had done in the past had never bode well with me but out of lazyiness or denial or just not wanting to accept it, I turned a blind eye. I suppose that happens to most.

After an especially harrowing night, I woke up with the idea of purging my life of things that were of little use to me. That included people who were holding me back. My facebook listing suffered considerably.

It's been a while since I purged many things and people away from me.  And it seems to have helped even though the adventure still continues.   I began to create 'quests' for myself to push me out of my comfort zone. One was returning to an old passion of paranormal research. It meant late nights and lots of travel but it stirred something in me to get me to search out other areas that had been long forgotten.

As I spoke to the universe about what was going on in my life and what I was grateful for, I realized how we allow things to just slide away from our lives, no matter how we loved them or was passionate about. I suppose it's a acombination of aging and just getting run down. So many events in our lives to take care of that we forget about ourselves.

It's taken so long to realize what I did to my own self. But realization has become just another one of the quests that I am on. Vacations to islands that I swore that I would return. See something beautiful (as you see below)

Although my quests are as large as in the book "Eat Pray Love", I think they suit my purpose. And they leave me with a feeling of abundance and worth and just an overall positive feeling. That is worth all the plane tickets to see the Taj Mahal that I can think of.

So I pray more inclement weather, especially rainstorms, come my way.

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