Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Creativity of Just 'Being'

We honor sabbath in our household. We turn off computers and televisions and just 'be'. What I have discovered is that this rejuvenates our minds and thus we have become more creative. And connected.

My eldest, who is autistic, tends to be less angry.  Although it was a fight to get her used to the idea of having a day off. Since 13, she has been an aggressive autistic with possible bipolar. But she now understands and enjoys a day of no electronics which usually controls her.

The only outside activity is special needs baseball which is only held on Saturdays. Actually I don't think they realize that there could possibly be a non-Christian in their group. LOL But that's okay because the games make my girls happy.

What happens to my husband and I is that we get centered and creativity pushes itself out, emerging like a flower amongst the rocks. Of course we have an entire house to experiment on. A small house; but a house that needs some inspiration, to be sure.

Friday was one of those days.

 We live in a small house which is limited in space and storage.
 So, after reading several of the Tiny House blogs, I was inspired to create this shelf. So the husband and I drew a design, grabbed some recycled wood and some paint that was left behind when we bought the place and wha-la! The shelf is one unit that holds most everything we use on a daily basis. It's also everything that was shoved into the tiny counter space on the other side of the room.
It's also the first time in 25 years I've been able to bring out my collections: Snoopy, Garfield, Star Trek and the most valuable is the Anniversary plate of my parents. It dates back to the late 50's and it always hung in my parent's kitchen, no matter if the pink color totally contrasting the kitchen's color. LOL  The reason it  was always in my parent's kitchen was because my father could never remember it without this not so subtle reminder.

This was definitely a rush job (but a well done one) with all four of us working on this just in time for sundown on Friday. On Saturday we were sore but really proud of what was accomplished. My husband joked that I just had to stop reading Tiny House blog but it does give me my best ideas.

We are planning for cat walks going from the living room and down the hall to keep our 7 cats from trying to kill us by tripping. Also 'stuff animal' shelves near the ceiling in both girl's rooms along with platforms with drawer under all beds and a mosaic counter top of the sun, moon and stars. THAT endeavor will take more than a day! :)

We must stop, however, coming up with the ideas just being Friday evening. I will still be reading tiny house blogs for inspiration.

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