Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Working Through the Cold

It has become quite cold here in North Texas. Of course, it cannot compare to some other parts of the country since the weather has calmed to slightly cold winds but with sunny skies. I must say for a person like me who has maladies that don't bode well to any type of chill, it doesn't matter is its 5 feet snow drifts of just a good winter's wind.

Suffering through my disorders (osteoarthritis, curvature of the spine and lupus), it doesn't seem to go well with any type of chill so my days are spent indoors enjoying other types of activities that are not of the physical manner.

These days I'm playing catch up with projects left behind in the warmer months. I'm still working diligently on the 5 feet long runner rag rug for my youngest daughter's room and a large beaded medallion. I have also decided to return to one of my first loves and that was German/Bavarian stitching.

This stitchery has a lot to do with design and motifs of animals, like the stag, birds  and flowers. A rather large sampler has been begun which will most likely take me the good portion of the winter and early spring months.  It took me quite a while to find an authentic design. German design sometimes mixes with Dutch and Swiss and sometimes even Russian designs. Finding something that is more German and more traditional takes a bit of research. Just try looking up 'German cross stitch' and you'll get a whole lot of German Shepherd and map shaped colors of Germany.

There are others who are more traditional but I have to swallow hard at a $150 or more price tag.   I would rather do the research. I now have to laugh when my husband choked at the price of $10 for a modern-drawn-traditional Bavarian designs.

The coldness of winter may now arrive for I am set to endure my pain happily with needle and floss in my lap

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