Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I Know Why Grumpy Harumphs


Today was relatively chaotic day which means Jess is going to be over-the-top grumpy and I'm going to be A) in pain and B) the victim of the grumpiness.

Last night, we received a call from Aly's moderately incompentent college counselor. I say this because last semester she messed up Aly's course schedule not one but three times before she even got to her first class. A schedule that she, the counselor, herself made. And she did yet another bang up job this semester. We're only 3 days into the semester with already 3 mistakes in her schedule and all of them for her math class.

So that means that her 11am class was changed to 8am WHICH MEANS Dad's doctor appointment had to be changed twice and my SIL had to be called to pick up Aly because we weren't going to make it back.

When we arrived home, we discovered the counselor didn't approve the change with Aly's math teacher and therefore she couldn't access either the course nor the lab. When I questioned the counselor about this, her response is I don't know and it's not my problem.

And, this, my friends, is a college educated woman who is supposed to advise and direct our children through the maze of the college system.  And I have a bridge in Arizona I would like to sell you.

Telling this tale will let you see the origin of Jess' bad day. Autistics need routine; they demand it to keep their world on an even keel. This was not one of those days.

Aggression, screaming and crying ensued. She loudly stated that she did not want to get up at 7am (mainly because she fell asleep at 4am). Anger began to rise about 8 when she found out that her aunt was picking up sister but couldn't pick her up. Screams arrived at 9 because she had to sit in a waiting room that had no toys while her diabetic dad was having a wound dressing changed and, no, she couldn't be with him.
It just got worse from there since we had to stop at 3 different stores looking for her supplement that helps her relax (so she can sleep).

By the time we arrived home, everyone's nerves were frayed. It didn't help that we were met at the door by her Aspie sister upset that the counselor messed up her schedule again. Which set off Jess, WHICH made Aly get even more upset.

There are those days when a boatload of Valium is not only desired but chocolate covered Valium were just make it oh so much better.

After all of this, I have to go to the doctor for my disability exam. This wouldn't be so bad since the girls had calmed down but the man literally put me through my paces to the point that I had to drag out the  hydrocodone, which I rarely take.

I now know why Grumpy in Snow White looked the way he did. I'm with ya man!

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