Sunday, February 1, 2015

Running Out of Time

You know the funny thing about, there isn't one.

I'm sure you have heard parents and their young children with Autism. The therapies, the appointments, the diets, etc, etc. Just wait until that small child becomes an adult.

You had better have won the lottery before then, because, buddy, you are going to need it.

Our oldest daughter is 22 and is high functioning autistic. She screams, squeals and sings at decibels that are just a tad too uncomfortable for her sensitive Asperger sister..oh and her parents as well. She was recently diagnosed as being Bipolar as well. Oh joy.

But there are no programs for her because she is 22..years..old. The government didn't see fit to keep them going even though every 11 minutes another autistic child is born. They seem to think we miraculously acquire hundreds and thousands of dollars that can pay for life skill classes, adult ABA therapies, therapists, specialists and hospital stays.

For my husband and I, we stay in constant fear what J's future will be. So much so, we, older parents in our 50s and 60s, have been preparing her younger sister with her own hellish future. And that would be the guardian of her autistic sister. At 19, already understands how medicare works, what to do if sister gets out of control or even runs away. She knows about the list of residential homes that might take J and the piles of paperwork she will have to endure.

At nineteen, she knows more about the failed government programs and funding cuts than her peers know about Katy Perry. She had decided never to have children for fear of giving them a ASD issue. She chose her major due to how much money she could make to support both herself and her sister. In other words, she is giving up her life to ensure a life for her autistic sister.

Autism Speaks states that they want an office in the White House just like the AIDS  office. Autism was first diagnosed in 1938. I think it's time for politics to get the hell out of the way and get to work. I'm running out of time. 


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