Saturday, February 28, 2015

Yet Another Cold Time

Here in North Texas, snow has finally arrived.

We started with just a little snow and now it has turned into several inches of snowman-type snow and now more ice that has kept us inside, prevented the youngest from attending college and HAS NOT the oldest dd from fits of cabin fever. 

It's late February and this needs to end! Now I love the snow and being able to stay indoors to cross-stitch, bead and cuddle up with a good book. But it's the others that concern me. They are driving me mad!

So old man winter needs to leave!


Recently, I was announced disabled. I have numerous issues and have had them since I was very, very young. Osteoarthritis, spondylisis, spondylosis, Lupus, congenital hip. Yes, I AM a walking medical disaster. Well age has finally caught up and the ortho pain has taken its toll. 

Unfortunately it drives me mad to not be able to able in some fashion. It is even worse to FEEL old. I cannot stand, walk or lie down for more than 10 minutes without serious pain. After a disability exam, I was beridden for 3 days due to the doctor. 

It is maddening to sit and watch television for lack anything to do! How do people watch this drivel?!  My husband, who is also disabled due to diabetic amputations, noticed how this was affecting me and bought me 30, count them, 30 embroidery and cross stitch patterns. God bless his hide. This is absolutely my favorite thing to do so. He is also enduring the cold to stand in our garage and make me raised gardening beds much like this one>>>
It will at my hips so I'll not have to give up all of my interests due to my pain. Bless his hairy hide. LOL

I only wish that all of you have someone in your life like mine.

It is all of 11 degrees at the moment so I shall retire to my electric blanket and dreams a 'truly' spring weather to be had.

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