Thursday, March 5, 2015

meet my cousin!

I find technology amazing. My cousin, who has just retired, has moved to a more rustic clime of the Big Bend area. I am not one for the more rustic country life so living amongst the snakes, lizards and west texas winds is definitely not for me.

However, after working in the music business as a studio and tourting musician, I am certain she find the sound of howling winds and howling predators right up her alley.

However keeping in contact with the outside world is another matter all together. So, we came up with a plan.

Corrie(her name) wants to blog but can't from her remote location. Even the local library several miles away has issues with the world wide web.So we opened up a blog here for her and she sends her posts via cell phone. How on earth she can send and get messages but cannot get the internet is anybody's guess but here we are. I live in North Texas and she lives near Fort Davis yet she can blog from half a state(a pretty large state at that) away.

Amazing. She already has a few posts in doing it in this manner. If you are interested in her tales of the music industry, west Texas and art, please look up Art and Music in the West. And forgive her, she is VERY new to blogging. :)

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