Thursday, March 5, 2015

The (Almost) Perfect Diet

Yea! I have finally found a diet that works! For years I have struggled with my weight and lately it has become worse because of my poor health. So much so, I have applied for disability. I can't stand nor sit for more than ten minutes, my energy is gone and the ability to walk as an exercise around a local park has become too difficult.


About a month ago I had discovered two films made by the same gentleman, Joe Cross. The film was Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. And what he has come up with is too simple to actually work but it does. It's not easy but it works.

This is a juicing diet. You begin with a detox cleanse and mild exercise; basically walking. Once you get past the detox and feel up to it, you can do whatever exercise you want.

I've been through many, many diets. The problems was no support group, the designer looked like a body builder and the miracle stories sounded to good to be true

I like the fact that 'Joe' had been seriously ill and healing himself through this process. I really liked the fact that many people, through Facebook, the website and elsewhere have come forward to state that it had worked and their reasons why. Some had failed but Joe Cross was there to help them back on the horse.

He was physically there. He checked in with those that he had helped years and months early. Most importantly he is just a 'guy' who let it get out of control. Just like the rest of us. That meant something to me.

Anyway, I started the detox juicing and found that it tasted really good. I also stayed full and the exercise wasn't killing me. I also lost 17 lbs in the first week!  SEVENTEEN. Thinking it was just water, I waited for the pounds not to come off. And it didn't happen.

It's been a month and I've lost 25 pounds. I have some energy back and I'm dragging my kids and husband along for the ride. Apprehensive in the beginning, they are both kind of excited to get involved. (Although neither are the 'get excited about anything' type).  My husband who suffers from both arthritis and Type 2 Diabetes is excited by the fact that this may get him off of all of the medications that he is on (16 total). We are both concerned that the youngest daughter may become diabetic as well.

He wasn't thrilled at my buying a $60 juicer since we're on a fixed income. But I think now he's okay with it. LOL

I'm just estactic at such weight loss and all I had to do is buy veggies and fruit!

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