Friday, April 24, 2015

The Voice's Deceipt

Now I'm not much of a television watcher but this season I began to watch The Voice. I was amazed at the talent; there were (and are) some very strong talents. Both my husband and I found ourselves being drawn into the competion.   I did know, however, that this is what is referred to as 'reality T.V'. Translated: It is NOT reality. Staged; yes. Real; no.

This become painfully obvious when singers who were very, very strong in both voice and performance were being eliminated because of their age. Quickly the older artists were kicked off for young kids who paled against these people.

Then it happened. An very obvious and disconcerting trend began. One of the judge began dumping the strong and experienced country artists for a young boy whose only experience was in college bars. It was evident that judge Blake Shelton had decided, ahead of time that this boy, who should have been removed when he stomped all over a Garth Brooks song when others were dumped after having a perfect performance. Both judges Shelton and Adam Levine made off handed comments that even eluded to this fact.

Being a former musician, I have seen some pretty nasty things done. This was despicable that well known musicians would do this to fellow musicians even if they are new to the business. Eliminated singer, Sarah Potenza, even admitted to the staged sabotage.

This does not bode well with not only myself but with fellow musicians that I've spoken to both in person and on message boards. Social media is filled with people yelling 'FOUL' as they announce that they won't watch 'The Voice' again. Which is sad because the goal of the show is a good one. Unfortunately, they have deceived not only the artists but the fans.

The sad news is if we as the audience cannot trust the artist-judges, why would we even trust them as artists. For me I'm disappointed because I enjoyed all four of these artist's music. But I will not stand for deceit therefore I can't abide buying their music.

I am certain I am not the only one.

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