Monday, May 25, 2015


We are on a good month of 'Portland-type' of rainstorms so I found it a good time to take my captured audience of children to give the house a good spring cleaning.

In times such as these, it is evident what chores are your favorite and which ones you just....can't....stand. After all, we all have one or the other, right?

Of course, my oldest hates them all! They interfere with the joys of television watching, Nano listening and quilting. Yep, there is actually a female, under the age of 30, who likes to quilt. Of course, her quilting project is quickly becoming the size of two King sized beds, but I digress.

Now J and her sister A, both have daily chores that they must do.

J has to dry and put away dishes, alternate taking out the trash, filling the ice box and sweeping. (We have chosen NOT to have a dishwasher to build disipline and responsibility in both children).

A has responsibility of the litter boxes(unless she is in school), trash, compost and washing dishes. And she hints blatantly about how we need a dishwasher; besides herself, that is.

Since A can handle change where her autistic sister cannot, we have changed her responsibilities. During the school season, her chores get cut down. And we do switch about doing dishes because it is her all-time least favorite thing to do. THIS you can tell by the dried food found on them the next morning.

I grew up in the 60's by older parents; in fact my mother was in her 30's when I was born. So, their depression era/Dust Bowl upbringing was quite influential in mine and my sibling's lives.

We spent our summers picking beans, peaches and pecans on my Grandparent's farm, knew how to darn socks and sew by hand by at least the 2nd grade, cook basic meals by 10 and could vacuum/hand wash dishes/dust and do laundry correctly.

Our parents were adamant about us knowing how to be self sufficient in the household. After all, they both spent their youths taking care of farm animals, taking care of home-grown crops and chopping firewood...all before going to school. And, no they didn't walk ten miles in snow just to get there.

I've heard the stories of what they hated (Dad it was the seasonal killing of cattle for the winter supply of beef and Mom it was cooking...with nonelectric devices).  So it would be normal for us to have our own favorites and not-so-much of household chores.

For my autistic daughter, aside from being basically anything that was an actual chore, it would be dusting. The mechanics of running a cloth over furniture and blinds came to being more liked the Indianapolis 500. Amazing how little of the cloth actually hit anything solid. Her favorite has become vacuuming; I suppose it's the repetitive rhythm of it.

For A, the youngest, it is definitely dish washing that she abhors. Her idea of handwashing dishes is to take the sink sprayer and do just that and with cold water. She can't tolerate hot or even warm water and those utensils just fly past that jet stream coming from the faucet!  However, she seems to like mowing the lawn. I suppose the riding mower is equivalent driving a car.

And me? I loved to wash dishes but my favorite was to iron. I'm sure there are those out there who don't even own an iron these days. But I find both relaxing because it's mind numbing. I don't have to think of anything . It's almost a meditation. Calm warm water. The stroking of clothes with a warm object, back and back forth, back and forth. I used to fill the same way about vacuuming until arthritis set in; so not so enjoyable anymore.

I hear the grumbling and griping has back to the world of cross-stitching (me) and video games (them).

So what are your favorite and most hated chores?



  1. Favorite laundry , one I hate-dishes lol, what are you cross stitching?

  2. Finishing a Christmas piece from Primitive Hare, a birth sampler, and an old one, Season of the Witch, with small buttons. I've got a crewel piece from MargdierEmbroidery that I will be starting soon.

  3. you are keeping busy good for you

  4. are you dropping blogging again?

  5. no there is a link to all my blogs at the top of my blogs lol


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