Friday, May 1, 2015

Meditation Via Gardening

I love to meditate outside; sitting under my very old Elm with all sorts of shade is my favorite thing to do in the morning. The youngest and I created a fairy garden with chimes and recycled colorful shiny things hanging in the trees, complete with a toad house for our lone and lonely toad that comes to visit. The oldest and I created bird feeders from recycled milk carton and old cups.

Sitting out here is wonderful but I have found that it isn't my best place to meditate.

My garden is.

We decided to branch out , so to speak, from the planter-only garden of last year into a raised garden. It is filled with marigolds, tomatoes, cantalopes, carrots, beets and a vast array of different herbs. Since we are all on a juicing diet, we decided to direct the garden towards the veggies we use in our now successful lifestyle change.

But I have found that it gives me other things as well. Peace. Tranquilty. And a good place to get away and just think.  In short, your garden is a great place to meditate. What is beter than placing your hands deep into the soil and feel the silky feel as it oozes through your fingers? The soft texture of the leaves and even the gentle sounds of water cascading down on the greenery?

Just looking at my progress becomes calming and gives me a grounding feeling . It doesn't hurt when most of my neighbors are gardeners as well. Which means I hear their soothing sounds as well.

I love the season of the garden. And the cool weather isn't bad either!

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