Friday, May 29, 2015

The Purpose of Cross-Stitch

Well another small piece is finished!  There is a certain amount of exhiliration and downright joy when I finiched a project; large of small. A relief in a way; relief of accomplishment I suppose.

I get that feeling more for the larger pieces which can take me anywhere from three to six months to  finish.  I am not one for the mini designs because, to me, they are not the challenge of larger ones. In fact, the Primitive Hare design that I have just finished (see above) is about as small as I like to get.

There was once a time when I wouldn't do anything that didn't have purpose; a tea cozy, framed picture, pillow, etc was the end result. But then I was swamped with tea cozies and pillows and not enough people to give them to, not to mention running out of room!

But as one ages, minds change. However I still gravitate to larger pieces. I do grow tired at times but I do know what they end result will be which makes me impatient to finish but still desiring the completion.  So I trudge on and sometimes take a break and may even do a little crewel work or perhaps some beading.

My next piece will be Barbara Ann Richter's Mizrach which I find stunning and plan to make it larger. Her work is so aesthically pleasing and very polished in appearance.   I think I just need a break from the primitive pieces that I've been working on lately.

With the coming of summer, I feel a need to organize the work that I'll do the upcoming months.  While most do this with the oncoming of the cold months and preparation of not being able to go outside, I do the opposite. You see, I have several ailments including Lupus that prevent me from being outside in the sun.  And, I have discovered, with age comes pain and with pain comes a need to have something to occupy oneself with. So here we are!  As I think about it, just the act of doing needlework such as cross stitch, crewel or embroidery is, in itself, a purpose. So, idea of the project being purposeful is not as important as the 'act' being the purpose.

Do you prepare your projects ahead of time? What will you be doing next?

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  1. No I dont prepare for my next project and right now I am doing something really easy 3 skeletons dancing lol.



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