Monday, June 15, 2015

Grumbles of Higher Education and Happiness over a Search

Yea! I finally found the hard-to-find pattern of Barbara Ann Richter,

I never thought a pattern from the 90's would be that hard to find. I couldn't even find information on Ms. Richter.  But I found it so I'm good.

This has been a long week. We have been in shivah of my husband's uncle. Today was the first day from the grieving period and I had to take the youngest to register for a new semester of college.

Which was aggravating at best.

Let's see, A has attended this community college for a full year, yet a receptionst informed a staff member that she was a high school student taking dual credit classes. 75% of the classes that the college says she has to have, they don't teach here in town. So we will have to drive 45 minutes to another campus, 3 days a week. She also has to take her history course onine for the same reason.In fact, a good portion of her much needed courses,she will have to take elsewhere.

The school, which was damaged during our floods, has yet to be repaired. Black plastic bag-looking drapes over entrances to classrooms, no tiles, and the smell of moisture.

Ah, don't you love higher educations in a small town.

I'll be thankful to escape professors who won't post grades, answer texts or phone calls and staff members who have no knowledge of how their school works .But then I attended large older universities who actually had years of practice. Hate to think that $2000 per semester was for naught.

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