Friday, June 12, 2015

I was doing some Spring Cleaning after our 'little' rain and found a box of incomplete cross stitch projects from the 90s.

It's interesting to see what was popular in the magazines then .....

and now>>>>>>>

Primitive was barely existant, country cute was in and realism in stitching was not the newest thing..yet.


This will be my last post for a bit My husband's uncle, the elder statesman of the family, has passed so we will be honoring him with shivah. We have the rendering of garments and spend about a week in prayer and grievance. It also means I won't be here for a week.

Happy stitching.


  1. So are we blogging still. I see that your last one has disappeared. Thank you; it was coming. We were just counting the hours since the strokes were coming on faster.

  2. blog address


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