Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Simple Things



Simple Womans Daybook

The clock says....5:07pm

The weather outside is.... dark and looking as if it will rain( funny that is what I wrote last time)
Outside my window...darkness with storm clouds brewing

In my cup.....remnants of slippery elm tea

I am thinking....karma and the relationships it affects

I am thankful for.....my family; here and far away

I am creating....mavrah cross stitch and sketch cross stitch designs. 
 I am going....to my husband's uncle's funeral. 

I am wondering...about my past-life-focused-meditation

I am reading..... Angels by Laura Power

I am learning....about past life regression therapy

I am hearing....the television show, House.

Around the house.....my oldest daughter is loudly singing to the Broadway musical of 'The Little Mermaid.'

I am trying to learn....the in's and out's of disability legal system

What I am struggling with....bureaucracy, my autistic daughter's fits and her inability to sleep at night, my own chronic pain

I am pondering.....several book reviews for college text reviews and the trip to Oklahoma for a meeting with a attorney.

In the kitchen.....I am cooking turkey burgers and juice made with beets,orange, spinach and carrots.

 One of my favorite things.....my Hummel statues
What makes me smile....all of my animals curled up around me on my bed.
Steps toward simplicity.......getting rid of items that I have not used or needed in 5 years.
A home comfort.....curled up in my favorite chair, cross stitching, with no electronics on whatsoever and hearing my children just down the hall.

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