Monday, July 13, 2015

Another 'Simple' Daybook

For Today...Monday, 7/13/15
Outside my window...A pile of dead limbs from our branch cutting excursion
I am thinking...about a certain Ram pickup truck and a Subaru Forester
I am simple home, my family, and the recent gifts that I have been blessed with.
I am wearing...a tie-die skirt with matching tichel and blouse with plenty of jewelry!
I am creating...STILL creating a certain beaded medallion and a Jewish cross stitch piece.
I am on a walk in the park
I am wondering...about the health of my dog
I am reading...'Outwitting the Devil' by Napoleon Hill
I am hoping...that some of my larger 'thoughts' will come to fruition.
I am have both patience and joy
In my is overloaded with beets, tomatoes and lots of cantaloupes.

In my quite empty at the moment since it is the hottest room in the house.

A favorite quote for today..."We are what we think. All we are rises from out thoughts. From our thoughts, we are the world"
A peek into one of my days...Arising early, fix herbal concoction for one of our animals, fixing another remedy but for fleas, feed all thirteen animals, make coffee, make breakfast for husband, make a fruit/veggie smoothie for me and my youngest, mop, garden, tai chi in back yard, meditation, take pain pills. Now it is only 11am.
One of my favorite things...
My time working for Renaissance Festivals
(I took this photo)

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  1. fresh veggies are always wonderful

  2. Oh my gosh! Good for you with the tai chi. I have not done that yet, but I think I would like it. I hope your dog is okay. Thanks for sharing your daybook.

  3. I love the Renaissance picture! Tai Chi, haven't done that yet but have wanted to.

  4. Felicia, go check out you tube. They have a lot of very good Tai Chi workouts for beginners.



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