Friday, July 31, 2015

Loss and Life

Today I had to confront death.

I have faced death before; both parents, grandparents, friends, old school mates..

After all I am in the 50's now and people that I have connected with are passing more and more. Even my old high school boyfriend,who was younger than myself, has left this earth.

But this is different. The man I loved more than life itself and the man that, even today, I would move heaven and earth for, has passed.

With him, my connection to Lufkin, Texas has died as well. Even though I am married to another and have been for over 20 years, I am still connected to my first lover; husband and I always will be.

We wrote, called and even spoke on Facebook. His death touches my soul for he would never find what he was truly searching for. And I was not the first or last to attempt to help him find it.

My husband understands my connection as I am certain that he has his own 'connections'.

My heart broke, once again, but lifts in the thought that he no longer fills pain and is laughing with his dainty mama by his side.

It is only the ones left behind that are tearful.

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  1. HUGS I'm sorry he passed but as long as he remains in your thoughts and heart he is never truly gone.


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