Saturday, July 11, 2015

New Furniture and Old Cross Stich

I love my sister-in-law's job. She works as an realtor assistant on a part-time basis. This isn't so great in a small town but the fringe benefits have been really nice!

Apparently SIL makes arrangements with the wealthier clients (who are usually moving out of our dusty abode), to take larger items such as furntiture, appliances and even 4 wheelers off of their hands when they either don't want or have no more room in the moving van.

The result is we recieve some some items. This time around my SIL brought us a soft leather love seat, metal patio furniture and a painted rectangular dining room and chairs that German inspired.

Unfortunately, we now have a house full of furniture to either get rid of, trash or put in storage. Fun, Fun!

Of late, I've been finishing old cross stitch pieces that I had put away. This one was a birth sampler done with wool. Don't think I will work in THAT again.

You see,  Angel Blue, I occasionally do smalls! LOL These two are for a series of holiday tree ornament.

Ta Da! I still haven't finished this one because I'm in pursuit of the 'perfect' button. This one is of my own creation.

I'm still working on my on my Barbra Ann Richter piece but it should take about 6 months. So I attempt to occupy myself, in quicker feats.


  1. Good for you finishing up some ufos lol, and nothing wrong at with small projects. That was nice of sil to send some things your way.

  2. Oh my! Smalls do exist! I always see larger projects from you. lol



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