Thursday, July 2, 2015

Reason and Happiness

It has been a trying time during the last few weeks. To cap it all, I had an horrendous fall that left me bedridden and on more pain pills than I have ever taken.

But then it has been good as well.

It gave me a period of reflection that allowed me to see not only where I was going but why. I don't believe most are given a second chance to start over, or, I might say, an opportunity to see what had always been there. I felt the brush that prevented my seeing what was ahead, was moved so that I had a better view of the road.

Got that analogy? Good.

Age had caught up with me and the pain that comes with it swept over me like a West Texas sandstorm. It had done so to my mother and grandmother as well. Even if you are expecting it, it doesn't mean that it is not a shock to the body when it does arrive. This was followed by worsening eyesight to the point that I couldn't read, and worse, I could not afford to see a doctor.

Pain is debilitating at best and comes with many groupies such as depression, sadness, and defeat. I had prayed to be taken more than once. I envisioned myself being placed in a home; one of my worst fears. Pain that comes with age is never a good friend. It is one that lies, tells horrible stories about you when you are not around and then leaves you to believe the worst.

However, I began to sense a change. A feeling of positive enlightenment, I suppose.  I began to think about the lessons that I learned in a religious studies class about the Dhamma or the nature of all things. I remember learning that fashioning your beliefs merely on hearsay or tradition just because  someone or a group of people say it. Because a book, or a teacher, priest or even texts of past deities, say it is so, doesn't necessarily means it is.  I remember that having an open mind and thinking for yourself in an reasonable way instead of playing the lemming who goes running off of the cliff just because hundreds of  other lemmings are doing the same. Only experience and reason can bring faith and happiness.

I began to ask myself why was I accepting this fate.  I even dreamed of angel coming and telling me that it was alright and to get up.

When I was willing to accept that I could rise from the negative state and could manifest a more positive condition, I actually the severe pain subside.

Now, I don't know if you believe in angels or positive enlightenment or faith...or not. You don't have to be any certain religion to have faith because it is not tied to any one church of belief. My experience tells me that. My experience also tells me that it makes me happy, peaceful and in balance. It also tells me that a certain viewpoint that goes hand in hand with reason and experience;only then can happiness follows. And, with that, a person cannot have anger, depression, pain or doubt.


  1. I am glad you are getting better and an open mind is always best my friend. I hope you have many brighter days ahead of you lady.

  2. Yes 'magickal' events have occurred. It's interesting when what initially thought was the norm becomes askew at a moment's notice.


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