Monday, July 27, 2015

Simple Woman's Blog of July 28th

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Today's weather with a slight breeze

The clock says....7:27 p.m.

Outside my window.....the squirrels are running amok and there are plenty of Blue Jays, Cardinals, Martins and several cats lazily taking naps under the shade of the elm trees 

I can hear....the whirring of the A/C window unit and the life-flight helicopter landing across the street at the hospital.

I am reading....Second Hand Souls by Christopher Moore

Last book I finished.....Go Set the Watchman

The last show I watched.....M.A.S.H.

Last movie I saw.....'Boom Town' with Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy

I am thinking.....the three stacks of government paperwork that I have to finish before the first.

I am enjoying.....being alone doing my cross stitch and listening to jazz.

I am discovering....that I hate my house.

I am eating.....I  had a small bowl of pasta salad with fresh avocado and cup of tea

In my green tea

In the's a mess due to not having use of plumbing for three days and the laundry room having 3 inches of standing water..due to plumbing problem. 

I am cooking.....whole wheat spaghetti with pasta sauce for the girls.

I am creating.....still working on my native American beaded medallion. 

Last craft I finished.....


I have found.....that I hate to cook

I am celebrating....absolutely nothing.

I am going.....nowhere. Just enjoying some quiet time

I am future

I am hoping....for better things

I am looking forward to.....having the house put together

What I'm struggling with....finances

What I'm praying finally get my disability

What I'm thankful for....having a roof over our head, food in cupboard and clothes on our back.

Around the house.....clothes are done, kitchen is clean, A is on her computer, J is playing loudly in her room and hubby and I are watching 'The Ghost and Mrs Muir'.

I am trying to learn/learning to stop thinking I can do things like I used to when I obviously cannot.

One of my favorite of my favorite photos. I lived in Conroe, TX when I was in high school. I took this photo of these two dogs. An old man would walk around with these two dogs. They would show up in different parts of town on any given day. Everyone would feed the dogs and water and give the gentleman, who would wear his WWII uniform, food as well. He told wonderful stories. I love towns that have these type of characters.

Steps toward simplicity.....I decided that 'simplicity' is not just about decluttering but simplifying other items. I decided to simplify the way we eat by reducing packaged foods and to go back to a 'sabbath' on Friday and Saturday with reduced use of electronics such as computers/video games. A little family time is, I believe, an ideal method of simplicity.

Something I would like to do this week.....get the kitchen and living room textured and painted.

Newest passion/obsession.....Ancestry research

Source of inspiration....Television show, 'Who Do You Think You Are?'

What makes me are my jokesters

Favorite moment this week....I was in a great deal of pain and was bedridden so my youngest came in with three decks of cards to play Skip Bo with me. Within about 10 minutes, I had some other visitors; seven of our cats were also piled on the bed. All of them were laying across our legs,and their paws protecting our cards. It's nice to be loved.

A photo worth sharing...

My girls, when leaves were meant to be thrown.


  1. I hope things get better for you my friend, hugs

  2. Hi Shirley, I also really like WhoDo You Think You Are as well as Finding Your Roots on PBS. Both have given me good tips for reasearching genealogy. Having luck with finding family historical items is compelling. I'm sorry to read that you don't like your house. Now so easy to change as it would be a shirt you don't like. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir! I haven't seen that unnages, but really liked it when I was younger. Have a great week!

  3. Hope you get your plumbing fixed and are feeling better. Love your cats :) Have a great week!



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