Monday, July 6, 2015

simple woman's daybook

Today's weather is.....warm, a bit sticky but with a nice breeze.

The clock says....5:39pm

Outside my window.....the branches are bowing to the breeze and my husband is cutting branches.

I can hear....the wind, branches being thrown into our truck and the sound of a LifeFlight helicopter.

I am reading....'Life and the After-Life'

Last book I finished.....'Angels' by Laura Powers

The last show I watched.....MASH, Season 6 (on Netflix)

Last movie I saw.....'The War Wagon'

I am thinking....regression therapy

I am enjoying.....sitting under my Elm tree feeling the wind go through my hair.

I am soul transition actually works.

I am eating.....drinking is more like it. A juice of beets, spinach, carrots, green apples, chia seeds and caoca chips. 

In my orange juice

In the is void of life

I am cooking.....nothing. The husband is the chef here. 

I am creating.....a beaded medallion

Last craft I finished.....large Angel framed piece

I have found.....I enjoy getting up early to have conversations with my husband and get outdoor chores done, when it is still cool.

I am life and my future

I am going.....nowhere. Being a homebody, as usual.

I am spirit guides.

 I am find a crew cab pickup to replace the other.

I am looking forward to.....having no pain

What I'm struggling with....keeping the husband in a positive and a non-angry state.

What I'm praying

What I'm thankful for....angels in our lives and my husband's newest realization.

Around the house.....Oldest is signing along with her Nano, Youngest is doing research for her major, husband is taking a shower and I have just finished meditation.

I am trying to learn/learning to try....strengthening my claudient skills.

One of my favorite things.....playing cards with my youngest.

 Steps toward simplicity.....getting my SIL to come over and get her furniture that she has been storing at our house for over a year. 
Something I would like to do this week.....go swimming

Newest passion/obsession....still is...angelology

Source of

What makes me animals; all 13 of them

Favorite moment this pleading with me (in the form of getting in my face and pawing me) to open the windows. They won.

A photo worth sharing.....
my mother


  1. early mornings are the best time for outside :-)

  2. Well it's the coolest. I much rather prefer the early evening but the mosquitos in the garden are too much for me!


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