Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Fourth

Yet another fourth and another traditional trip to see fireworks.

We hauled our two daughters plus one lifetime friend and headed to the usually small town of St. Jo. They hold a wonderful yet small festival in their city park. Several family reunions seem to take place there as well. :)  
Free watermelon, food, drink, kiddie games and a major slide that was set up by the local volunteer fire department. The old man and I just hang out under the trees and people watch until darkness prevails and the fireworks begin.

They were longer and louder this year. The kids loved it; however I spent my time watching the display by looking at the reflection off of the cars! A definite sign of age I suppose. Fortunately, the angels were listening and got us a parking spot up front so when we shoved 5 people back into a standard old-time pickup (not an easy feat, believe me), so we could get out ahead of all of the others. And there were lots of 'others'.

Of course our small town was full of idiots shooting off fireworks by throwing them at people driving or walking by. I'm the intelligence some perplexes me. Much like that kid in the news who put a firecracker on his head and set it off. He died by the way. (sigh)

I am still working on my Barbara Ann Richter piece. I'm not one for showing minute pieces of WIP when it doesn't look like anything. And this  one will be very detailed so stay tuned!

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