Monday, August 17, 2015

Simple Woman's Daybook 8-17-15

For Today . . . Tuesday August 11, 2015

Outside my window . . . 95 and hot with no breeze at all

I am thinking . . .  if we will ever get the floor in the kitchen done.

I am thankful . . .  that my husband is alright and that his blood sugar attack yesterday was as serious as I initially thought.

I am wearing . . . purple tee, floral skirt and purple tichel

I am going . . . to make a light dinner since the husband still hasn't go his energy back from yesterday.

I am reading . . .  'Life and the After Life' by Laura Powers'

I am hoping . . .  to either get started building the pantry or work on tiling the kitchen floor. 

I am learning . . . to be more tolerant of my husband's fit's of anger. He literally has no patience since his heart bypass. 

In my kitchen . . . preparing cold pasta salad, broiled hamburger patties (for the oldest Autistic dd), green salad for the cold chicken salad.

In my morning cuppa....Caramel Vanilla herbal tea

A favorite quote for today . . . this one I have cross stitched and hanging on my armoire right across from me when I wake up in the in my morning...

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