Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Simple Woman's Daybook Aug.25,2015


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For Today Monday August 24th, 2015.

Today's Weather Is....Dark and Raining! My kind of weather!

The Clock Says....3:13 p.m

Outside of my window....
rain; dark glorious rain.

I Can Hear....

Thunder, the loud spattering of raindrops hitting the air conditioner unit and my poor Jack Russell panicking!

I Am Thinking....
about my intuitive side versus my logical side.
I Am Thankful....
to be blessed with enough money from old text sales to be able to pay for gas to and from my daughter's college.

I Am Wearing....
 My tye dye skirt and white tunic
I Am Creating....
working on beaded raven medallion
I Am Going....to auto dealership for an eval on our truck, to Health and Human Services concerning the Medicaid Savings Program and to see a gentleman to lower our car insurance.

I Am Reading.... "Bringing Your Soul To Light" by Dr. Linda Backman.

Last Movie I Watched...."The Magic of Belle Isle"

 I am now enjoying....a documentary called 'Jesus in India' about Jesus' missing years between 12 and 30 based on historical evidence. I'm eating popcorn with 4 of my 7 cats, 1 dog and my youngest daughter. All enjoyable to me. 

I Am Discovering....using my grandmother's old depression era recipes since severe cuts in our government checks(both of us are considered disabled) and food allotments ($175 a month for 4 people;ridiculous)

I Am Learning....NOT to allow the husband to fill out his own government forms. So unorganized and doesn't conceive the idea of a 'due date'.
Around The House....Youngest is doing her college English assignment, oldest is watching You Tube, husband is on the phone with talking about cell phones and I am covered with sleeping cats. 

In The Kitchen....
beans are brewing in the crock pot

I Am Pondering....how long this will take to finish

A Few Plans For the Rest of the Week...spend Wednesday and Friday driving the youngest to college in Gainesville ( 45 minute drive one way) and Tuesday and Thursday to the sub-campus here in town, work on the new cabinets in the laundry room and call my brother near Abilene to make plans to retrieve my mother's formal dining room table, chairs and buffet that I inherited upon her death. Finally have the room to honor it in our home. 

A Favorite Quote For Today....


  1. sounds like you've had a busy week already my friend

  2. my new blog http://evies-life.blogspot.com/ Life As I Know It

  3. I have been referring to my grandmother's depression era recipe books a lot, & have written a couple of blog pieces. Nothing like getting back to basics. The food budget must always be a battle on your fixed income. Carolyn @ pastimes-passions-paraphernalia.org



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