Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Simple Woman's Daybook August 10, 2015

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Outside My Window....It is 98 degrees with no breeze at all. A large pile of old and broken cabinetry is underneath the window from tearing down the kitchen for remodel.

I am thinking...how several events may collide with each other (court hearing, oldest's appointment concerning her Autism and possible bipolar syndrome and driving youngest to college, 45 minutes away).

I am thankful......that we are able to re-start remodeling our kitchen once again and repair what a con-artist/re modeler wrecked.

I am wearing.....my 'paint' shorts (shorts I use when I'm painting or doing renovations), purple T-shirt.

I am creating.....

Still working on three different projects.

I am going...to Decatur, a neighboring town for the girls haircuts  and to Rose Street Clinic with my autistic daughter.

I am wondering....if our truck, our only transportation could survive a trip to West Texas to see my brother and to fetch a hutch and formal dining room table that my mother left me.

I am reading....When Dallas rocked by Kirby Warnock

I am hoping....to find a quad cab pickup to replace the old one.

In my kitchen...Well, it's pretty bare.

A favorite quote for the day...

One of my favorite things
My afternoon sleeping buddies. These three always and they actually will come to find me if I am not there.

photo worth sharing

Fort Davis, Texas; one of my favorite places to go to clear my head. Thankfully I have a cousin that lives here so I can visit frequently. 

Plans for the rest of the week: take oldest for exam concerning her Autism and possible bipolar syndrome, continue working on remodel of kitchen by installing drywall, trim, removing window and building shelves, move cabinets, etc. and lay tile for floor.

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  1. Sounds like you have a busy week ahead! Have a great one :)



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