Monday, August 17, 2015

Too Tired To Think

Oy! After almost a year of attempting to work it into the budget, we were finally able to re-start working on the house once again.

Our main project was the kitchen. Most of it went well, especially for two people who are disabled! That meant a lot of starts and stops and 'ooh my aching back'.

We tore out the old dilapidated cabinets from the early 50s and the equally out dated counter.

And the petrified mice nests inside the wall

But it coming along swimmingly with new marlite walls, new drywall, a new pantry and a 'coming soon' feature of new tiled floors and counter tops.

The oldest dd who is Autistic is far from happy with us due to the fact the kitchen, especially the floor is still a mess; a sticky mess. But those of you on a fixed income understand all too well that good things come in monthly accoutrements.

And figuring out the gasoline budget for a 45-mile round trip for three days a week for the youngest going before beauty...or beautifying of the kitchen anyhow!

Yesterday all renovation came to a half when the husband had a serious blood sugar attack as the mixture of overheating due to the work and eating too many carbs got to him.  Even though he knew can be such babies.

So now, he is still weak and out of it. And of course, blames it on 'allergies'.

My own disability, which is a combination of orthoarthritis and severe spondylisis and spondylitheses (2 different forms of curvature of the spine) have left me in need of a hiatus as well.

So we are both took tired to pull another tile or hammer another nail. Ain't aging grand?

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  1. I hope Gary is feeling better and you too lady. You know Jessica doesnt deal with change well so hopefully she'll be in a better mood soon.


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