Friday, October 16, 2015

Another Simple Day

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Today's Weather Is....Mild, sunny with a slight wind, Yea!

The Clock Says...6:13 pm
Outside of my window...creeping shadows of trees with various feral cats napping

I Can Hear....two of my cats snoring

I Am Thinking....about moving into the country and away from people; possibly even the woods.
I Am Thankful....for our mechanic. Our only mode of transporation, a 15 year old truck, broke down in a town 45 minutes away. It cost 150 just to get it back to our town. Our mechanic, who has a looong list of people ahead of us, knew we were in a desperate situation since we have to drive our youngest to college classes 3 days a week. He repaired the truck within 3 hours. This was a phenomenal thing for him to do since no other mechanic would have.  Bless his furry hide.

I Am Wearing....tye dye skirt and camo tshirt
 My tye dye skirt and white tunic
I Am Creating....and still working on a pink, white, and blue rag rug.

I Am Going....well I went to Gainesville, Tx to take the youngest to college, to Walmart to buy basics (flour,sugar, powdered milk,etc), and a stopover at our local Hospice store to buy T-shirts for the before mentioned rag rug

I Am Reading.... 'The Final Frontiersman'

 I am now enjoying...Alaskan Bush People. It reminds me of my cousins. Silly but entertaining.
 I Am Discovering.... I am not fond of people too much anymore.

I Am Learning....that if my brain tells me 'oh you're still capable of doing than'; listen to the body which says 'hell, no!'. (Good advice for disabled people). 

 Around The House....Oldest is creating a decorative box made out of Popsicle sticks, youngest studying zoology and husband making dinner because I listened to my brain again and am in pain. 
In The Kitchen....
bacon is frying and all animals are under foot

I Am Pondering....if we will be able to live here another year due to the local hospital district/tax hike which will go up 40%
A Few Plans For the Rest of the Week...
I have learned to never plan ahead being physically disabled because if your body surrenders, those plans will be cancelled. 

A Favorite Quote For Today....

and so it goes


  1. Hang in there woman things will get better.

  2. The book you're reading caught my eye. I like to read about Alaska, and . . . Antarctica. And your rag rug sounds sounds great! Great photo of it!



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