Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Daybook 10/28/15

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October 28,2015

Today's Weather Is....Cool, sunny and typical October weather.

The Clock Says...6:39 pm
Outside of my window...darkness with what is left of leaves, giving off shadows

I Can husband watching 'Its A Mad, Mad....World', my oldest is loudly playing and a couple of cats snoring

I Am Thinking.... about what to do about our poor financial problems.
I Am Thankful.... for the kindness of angels

I Am floral head scarf, aqua blouse, black slack and handmade aqua beaded earrings
I Am Creating....a 'little red riding hood' cape
I Am Going.... to the kitchen to make sandwiches 
I am now enjoying...
 I Am Discovering.... I am not fond of people too much anymore.

I Am Learning.... there is a fine line between having food in your belly and being homeless.
 Around The House....its quiet, even the animals are down for the night.
In The Kitchen.... dishes are washed and stacked, a single cat is snoozing in the  window while the ceiling fan gives off a low hum. 
I Am Pondering.... how we will survive until the first without gasoline or food.
 A Favorite Quote for the Day....  


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  1. ((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))) I have your reading will drop by with it later today


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