Monday, October 19, 2015

Dream Dream Dream

Recently I have had an array of dreams. Most people can remember their dreams and they usually mean nothing. That is not my case.  I am empathic, which means that I can feel or sense other people's emotions. I cannot read minds or bend spoons or any of that stuff. But what I do is avoid places with a lot of people like concerts, festivals and even retail stores. It's not really a fun existence.

Lately, I've had a lot of quite vivid  dreams, which is never been my style. Mine dreams always ran like a television show; more in a 'continuing tomorrow night' kind of mode. I've been meditating a lot more lately and I can only assume that is the reason.

My latest was a tale of connections.The ripple in the stream sort of connection. The people we cross, no matter how fleeting, can make great effects. Some of my dreams can be familiar and some are just strange. But this is the first in a long time that feels like a direct message. 

So do you remember your dreams.  


  1. Sounds interesting, hopefully they don't flood you like some do.



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