Sunday, October 4, 2015

Roses Amongst the Thorns

What a long strange trip it has been....

So many things have pulled me away from blogging. I've been fighting with Disability over my (several) medical issues which include spondylosis, spondylithesis, osteoarthritis and lupus. It's left me with daily chronic pain. This prevents me from driving most of the time, having difficulty walking and, of course, working.

Well, almost.

I had a small altercation with a woman who swore she was into furniture restoration and wanted to buy some furniture pieces from me. The Reader's Digest version is she refused to have any conversation with me over the photos I sent her, ignored phone calls and emails and then was going to send her friend to my house for measurements...without my knowledge or permission. Both the husband and I knew that games were being played and she would pull out of the deal. She did but we had already decided to not go through the deal so the result was the same.

However there are always roses amongst the the thorns.

This situation with a person who was less than trustworthy made me realize that if she was trying to get something over on me what would she be doing to actual customers? Well the angels blessed me with a muse and inspired me to get back in 'the business'.

And that business would be what is referred to today as picking and antique restoration. I was taught the business while I was in college by a woman who turned the first floor of her house into an antique shop. She taught me how to restore what resembled unrestorable furniture, how to deal and how to  appraise.

So I've decided that I should be thankful to that crazy and devious person since at the moment I have several projects and numerous contacts.  I even had the opportunity to purchase depression era Federal glass. So I went from attempting to make a kind gesture to getting back in a business that I forgot how much I loved.

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