Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Loss of a Generation

As time  passes, I have realized that there is a large part of the recent generation that need 'something'. Something that makes them stronger, smarter, better. They want and need respect and to be respected, loved, liked etc...

However there is also a larger generation that is lacking these abilities due the people that raised them.  As the Baby Boomers got farther away from the early age of 1946 (the year that the Baby Boomer's generation began) , the less parents thought of the child and more about themselves. Now we are so far away from a time when both parents worked towards the well being of the child, that  we have a larger generation of adult 'children' seeking that mentor-guidance that should have been there from birth.

I myself was raised by Depression Era parents that believed in utilizing objects over and over again until they were "used up", being in the great outdoors and being involved in the growth,well-being, and training of the next generation. This meant that we spent barely 5% of our time in front of a television (we only had 3 channels at best and cartoons were only on Saturdays and from 7am to noon), learned valuable life skills that you did not need You Tube for and most importantly , we were taught the how's and why's of being an responsible adult.

The young adults I see today are whiney creatures that feel that the world owes them something. They never know what but it has to be something that will allow them  to not participate in the universe and  treat their parents like servants. This is very much like the young and insane Emperor Nero who was known to assassinate anyone that ticked him off at a moment's notice.

 These adults may disenfranchise themselves away from mankind in the form of electronics, grow soft in both body and mind and couldn't think themselves out of the mildest of  problems. And there are many of this species roaming the Earth  or there wouldn't be over 200 internet articles on the subject of what parents should do to prepare the offspring before they leave home.

Could this generation  even survive a month without any electronics (cell, television, computer) or modern conveniences like a stove or microwave or even a car? How about living on their own in the wilderness for a month?

Mankind has lulled our once sharp senses.You can't smoke in public. You can't punish your child in public (even when they scream and throw tantrums) or you'll be arrested. You can't have an opinion. You can't say that you don't agree or you'll be all over the internet.

 We've babied ourselves into complacency. And the young adults seem to think others should save them; parents, government, society. In the meantime they sit around being lazy, fat, soft and dull. And a majority are disrespectful, angry and fill the prisons with their demands that they want fulfilled.

Their lives are filled with things; no ideals or skills. The 'I want it now' generation is not a pretty one and only a handful of parents have prepared their offspring for the harsh world of reality. And the ones who havent have to contend with the fact that these soft and arrogant children are the ones to care for them in their advanced years.

Something one must ponder as the nursing home businesses worsen and our children become more self absorbed.

I remember back when my father was criticized forcing and my siblings and I to learn how to disassemble an engine and name what each part did, how to shoot and clean a deer and even left his 3 kids on their own in the woods with only the bare essentials. My mother as well, was sneered at when she made my sister and I take self defense classes (before it was the cool thing to do) because it wasn't lady like.

It was called, 'being prepared' and I've taught my own  many of the same things including cooking over an open fire, how to respect people even if they don't deserve it, how to NOT let mechanics con them just because they are 'a girl' (not like that would ever happen).  Since her older sister is Autistic, our youngest has even been taught to balance checkbooks and how to handle her sister's Social Security paperwork/insurance and the in's and out's of Disability.

So how have you prepared your children for the real world?


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