Friday, October 30, 2015

Woe Is Me

And woe is right.

Halloween is our favorite holiday but this year
Yet this year, we are engulfed with illness and flooding. This flooding ruined last season's baseball and now isn't doing such a great job on our favorite nightly holiday.

The youngest, finishing her Zoology lab began to complain early and even cancelled a Halloween weekend sleepover with her BFF. By the time the sun set, the oldest and most ardent Halloween fan, was complaining of stomach aches.

I just hope my thoughts of how to pay for gas to take them out T&T ing did not have anything to do with this. The Universe does seem to listen at the most inopportune moments.

But I did make my oldest a little red riding hood cape. I found the instructions on You Tube and it was simple and sew free. It took about an hour and looked like the hooded capes in the store.

Maybe it will make her feel better.

We have many issues of late not counting Halloween. Our only mode of trasportation broke between home and college leaving us paying $750 for tow and repairs. This, in turn, started a snowball effect, leaving us without funds, gasoline and food.

Hence the life of the disabled. We cannot work because of our separate medical issues. In my case I cannot tolerate to sit for more then 15 minutes nor stand for about 10. But it doesn't stop the government from taking what little money we do get like in the case of food stamps or Medicare insurance. Ever try to buy a months worth of food for 4 people? Welcome to my world.

I feel as if I'm just a New York minute from living under a bridge and yet I am the owner of four degrees. But our society is not like the Japanese society which highly respects their older citizens. We are throw aways. Businesses won't hire people like us but prefer to pull their hair out because yet another teenager didn't even bother to give notice and left the employer desperately seeking new help. And we, the generation that 'wants' to work, that have a history of long term careers, are looked at as if we are going to keel over and cost them in insurance.

Our bodies may be weakening but the rest of us are willing and able. If only the rest could understand before they suffer from the same injustice.

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