Sunday, November 8, 2015

cross stitch season

I've decided to put my other projects away and return to cross stitching again. Which can be difficult at best. I am having eyesight problems that have made me put my projects off. Hopefully this month we will be able to afford the trip to doctor.  I do miss cross stitching.

I've had two other projects which consisted in a large rag rug made of t-shirts and another that is beading. THAT was the first to go on hold because of the minute beading. If I have trouble seeing to cross stitch, just think what beading was like!

But it's a seasonal thing with me as well. When the cooler weather hits, I'm more inclined to cross stitch with a cozy blanket across my legs. But it's a mind set because when I lived in South East Texas, I still had the same need even though it could be 90 degrees outside!

So I'm back working on my pets' food mat. I pets because I plan to embroider all the cats and one dog on the mat. I have not a clue which ones will use it. I've had this problem before when making pet food mats and not a single animal would approach it.

I was reading more than just a few of my favorite cross stitch and blogs. There were all about stitching groups that they are involved with or wonderful shops they go to. I have to ask myself what is wrong with Texas? It's aggravating at best that I have travel some distance just to physically see the supplies that I want. The internet is great but in making such an organic craft, one needs to use the senses; smell, touch, sight to become more in tuned to that project.  And sadly, I don't have the income to travel that far. And you know, mega stores like Hobby Lobby and Micheals just dont cut it.

But for now, I need to get some new 'eyes' and hopefully that will be soon.


  1. No they sure dont cut it is right and the one little cross stitch shop we had she sold out and closed up shop was so sad to see it go.

  2. Can't wait to see your stitching this season.


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