Friday, November 27, 2015

Getting Ready for Winter

Well we finally finished off our summer garden. I still have small tomatoes on the vines but the vines were dying due to the weather, which has become much cooler during the night. I had already started the winter garden and mulched what was left so this is what we had.

Well quite a bit more than this

And last night, we had this

To this :)

For those who are not familar with this Southern delicacy, this is Fried Green Tomatoes. 

Usually the fruit is a bit larger than this but when you struggle keeping the family from going hungry at night, you do what you can and my solution was my garden. 

It was a sparse year for my growing since, at the beginning of the season, we were beseiged with horrible flooding that had me digging trenches (during the rain) to try to save our garden. I was pleased to have what I got since neighbors surrendered their gardens to the torrential downpours. 

I have already begun planting and planning the winter garden with beets, carrots, winter squash and a variety of herbs. I grew tired of the 75% price hike in grocery store veggies (due to them ordering too much and letting them rot) a long time ago. We do our dead level best to grow or barter with others for our fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Yesterday, usually known as Thanksgiving, was quiet as usual. We don't celebrate it like our neighbors do. We are part Sioux and do not condone this method of honoring a murderer, thief and pretty much an all around bad guy. But enough said. 

I do hope that those who practice this day had a wonderful time filling up and watching football.



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