Monday, November 30, 2015

Seeking Nature

Lately I've been drawn back to nature. I know, rotten time for it; it's cold (30 degrees here in North Texas) and wet (has rained constantly for four days straight) and just plain nasty.  Well if you are going to be drawn to something, you might as well have it at its worse first. You'll appreciated the better part of it much more. You is always half full, never have empty. :)

Actually I've always loved being outdoors. My family believed in being 'one with nature'. We had a cabin in the mountains where we would live months on end without electricity and just an outhouse. He was in the oil field business and would spent months away from home in other countries setting up ways that foriegn countries (other than the Middle East) could drill for petroleum such as Russia, Germany and France. One year he came home and announced that he would be taking a job in Scotland and we would all be going. We thought this was great because we were never allowed to go on 'job' trips because of the danger.

This would be different. We were stationed in the most remote part of Scotland...the Highlands. We could only get there by boat. This place would make most survivalist shows on television look like the Taj Mahal.  Water was natural and a good half a mile away, no electricity, an outhouse, and no communication such as telephone.  And we loved it!

We read together at night from the books of the great naturalists and played board games. We learned how to start fires with two sticks, we hunted and learned how to field our catch and how to build what we needed from the materials around us. I became a pro at shooting a bow and arrow and a sling shot to catch small prey and how to whittle. For years, my mother kept my handmade forks and spoons. LOL.

But then all good things must end. We had to move into the suburbs and I watched the spirit of my father die. He had to drive two and a half hours one way for work in Houston. By the time he came home he was exhausted. In time, his spirit was broken.

As I aged, I married a man that knew nothing about living with nature or how to live in it. His idea of roughing it was a Holiday Inn with a black and white television.

But I still yearned to go back to nature. I would drive out where the forests and the wildness was and just sit among be-felled trees and listen to the wildlife call.

I suppose when age comes upon us, we yearn for the days of our youth. I think the calling back to the mountains and the woods is getting stronger in me for I have looking for places to homestead, even at my age. Most don't think of planting this time of year while I am planning out mine and taking courses in solar installations. I'm ordering mushroom plugs for the warmer months and bringing out old copies of 'Mother Earth News'.

Everyone is a seeker. Some think they must fill the void with things like games, hobbies or even the internet. They are just superficial and never what the seeker is truly looking for. One must seek 'within' to feel the emptiness that they are experiencing. The truth I seek comes from a forest, a mountain and the true happiness that only G-d can give. That is not a church or a preacher but the G-d that is in all of us. And not even the angels can grant you what only your heart knows is the truth.


  1. thank you; I had a good teacher. Sometimes it just takes a while to remember the lesson.

  2. What a lovely reminder to see the beauty in nature and ourselves.



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