Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year Resolution? I think not.

Well it's a new year and I have to say that it feels no different. Our New Year Eve was comprised of popcorn and cranberries strung in the trees with prayers all around. We had a nice bonfire and reading of tarot cards to see what our future year would be. The girls are older when we started this tradition but they still seem to enjoy it.

But I don't feel the mood of 'things better to come' is in the air. No amount of resolutions or lucky food can change what is to come and I know that. After all the idea of resolutions comes from ancient Babylonians to their gods as did the Romans did to the God Janus. And I don't believe it worked for them.

I watch friends make promises of change and then never fall through. So what is the point?  I think we yearn for something greater. Sometimes that is an impossible goal. We strive for impossibilities. We want control where there is none to be had and cry out when we don't get our way. It's similar to the process in a Presidential election. We want a miracle in a single mortal man and scream for his head and announce him as the Devil when we don't feel we are getting what we desire.

I believe this ancient form of wishing is the same way. So no ill-founded wishes or promises. Just another year with hopes and disappointments. At least I will know that they are mine and mine alone.  I am certain that the God Janus, who looks to the past and future, will understand.

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  1. No resolutions never work but we can always HOPE for something better and realize it comes in the smallest of ways not the biggest.



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