Friday, January 1, 2016

Snowy Weather? Bring It On

We have been besieged with bad weather. Actually the state of Texas has been taken over by bad weather: winter weather advisory, blizzard warnings, tornado, flooding. Yes, we have had an eventful time since Christmas. Here in North Texas, it has been rain, snow and ice.

However, I always feel the urge to cross stitch. It is just something about the cold weather and knowing that you are stuck inside. Might describe why I just can't get in the mood to cross stitch in the summer.

When I was a child, we visited my Aunt and Uncle in the Alaskan wilderness. We got stuck there for a month longer than planned due to a nasty storm. Snow drifts covered the doors and windows and the adults had to ration the food to make sure we made it through. And I was in heaven! I snuggled under quilts and finished the many cross stitch projects that I had brought with me. I also got applauded for being 'so good'. 

Hence my love of both Winter and cross stitching began. So forgive me if I pray for more poor seasonal weather. I need some inspiration.

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  1. Yes I am feeling the cross stitching bug too :-)



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