Friday, February 19, 2016

Difficult Modern Times

Yes, not having a good day. First, my daughter's computer's graphic card played out. Now my computer went down in a flame of blue screen. This means that my husband and I are using the same desktop computer; which is not bad. I actually prefer desktops. Personally I feel that they are sturdier. I have never had the issues with a desktop that I've had with the laptops in my life. health issues do not play well with sitting in a hard back chair for more than ten minutes at a time. And today, during an eye examination I have been told that I now have cataracts. 

But I shall persevere. My dear husband who is not your basic genteel kind and usually ignores anniversaries, birthdays and the like, bought me a Qsnap for my cross stitching as my birthday gift later this month. He also has decided to send my poor beloved van to our local mechanic and plans to inform him ASAP because of my inability to crawl up into his Dodge Ram truck due to my back and arthritis. I was thrilled and, I admit, shocked. He can be a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to money. :)

Since I spend most of my days indoors, I am definitely a happy camper.  I am finally finishing up my per food mat and can spend all my time on my Jewish cross stitch project. 

 So lack of computer time isn't so rough as I consider myself more of a 'vintage' kind of girl and would rather be alone with my thread and needle than reading all of the 'bunk' on Facebook.

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