Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Passover and a Daybook

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 FOR TODAY, Tuesday, March 29 2016
Well the holidays are almost over but it was enjoyable. It's amazing how one's viewpoint about spirituality changes. I remember the rituals of my childhood and they were both fun and eclectic since my parents were of different faiths. 
As we sat down with friends to a small Passover gathering, those remembrances of past Passovers and other holiday based festivities seem to wash over me. They knew that mine was a multi-faith family (which ain't easy, believe me) so they tried to keep in Jewish-lite. I think they had fear that the non-Jews of the group would come uncomfortable.First politics got in the way and the air became tense. But soon we  spent the night telling tales of all our ancestors and feasting on great food and, of course telling the tale of The Passover with the young ones having widened eyes of wonder and surprise
(outside my window)
lots of birds.....lots!
(around the house)
 the youngest
 lots of sleeping(husband included)

 Oldest watching You Tube
renovating MIL's house

and the dog is doing his Ferdinand impression  
(what I am watching)


(what I am reading)

(what I am thinking about)

(Some of my favorite things) 

anything bohemian
historical antiques 

(favorite quote)

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