Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Most Eloquent Reply

Oy, it has been so long since I have been able to blog. Not that my life has been worth writing about. Working on my Barbara Richter piece but have been sketching for several beading projects that may be coming.

Lately I have been too consumed with other things. My youngest, who is attending college is having issues with her classes so I've but everything on the back burner to help her through this very stressful time. It helps to have a mother who is a former teacher. My baby girl has Aspergers and that means that she can become distressed easily.


I make a point to keep an eye on her grades since she becomes embarrassed that she can't keep up without help like the other students. She like other young Aspie adults want so much to be like everyone else. With college, that is a hard task to undertake.

So I stepped in to help with transcribing notes, reading material to her (suffers from mild concentration/spatial issues so hearing the text helps) and someone just to keep from having meltdowns over the heavy amount of schoolwork she gets on a daily basis.   I am a bit of an organization freak so that helps. I guess you could say that we compliment each other.

So this entire Spring Break it was nothing but studying for a massive Psychology exam on her first day back. Fun. But she has come around from 'I can't remember all of this' to 'Hey I might just pass!'.

Then there was the husband. Diabetes is an awful and irritating disease. The minute you think you have a hold on it, here comes yet another infection. Same place. So off to daily visits to the wound center we go...along screwing up the youngest's school schedule. He is back  with his funky footwear and losing his balance and not being very happy about it. This time round I'm not doing very well in the health dept. and I am the one who has to keep the cogs in the wheel moving. We often joke that out of the two of us, that I am not allowed to die first. He wouldn't  know what to do, where paperwork was, etc, etc. And he is definitely right!

Even my dog went down on me. Both thing is around 13 and was hit with a tumor that had to be removed. The local vet apparently never learned how to sew because it looks worse now than it did before. Oh Dr Jeff (of Dr Jeff, the Mountain Vet on television) where are you. On top of that we discovered not only did they make him go 24 hours without food but they didn't feed him for another 24 when he stayed over at the clinic. I was relatively peeved. But he's home and very, very, happy about it.

So lately, I have just shut down. No store runs, or visiting or even helping others at the moment. The processor which is my body needed to shut the outside world out. I needed a Zen moment of reflection, meditation and prayer. So far it has helped although I'm frustrating family and friends as I tell them to leave me be. I suppose everyone needs that  sollitary-monk time although few of us can actually acquire it. I'm thankful that I can.

Mother Teresa said, "We need to find G-d and we cannot find Him in noise and restlessness. He is the friend of silence."  Whomever a person prays to, I know that this is true because it calls to me at certain times when it just gets to be too much. And I know the message is being sent.

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  1. Take a deep breath! Its awesome that you're able to be such a strong support to your family.


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