Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Homeschooling Past and Present/Daybook

I find myself reading homeschooling blogs lately. Like someone going through empty nest syndrome, I have the feelings of missing it. We started homeschooling with the girls were quite young and finished about 2-1/2 years ago (although my oldest autistic daughter refused to go any further than 8th grade). We began with texts, nature walks, chalkboard lessons and ended with a local online high school who taught Astronomy, Forensic, religion and secured my youngest with a high school diploma.

I yearned for its return. To sit with books, art projects and learn new things. My math and science skills seemed to improve while I reveled in reading literature and explaining species of both flora and fauna.

 HOWEVER....I believe I am still homeschooling but in a different way.

My youngest darling daughter who is attending a local community college, is finding that her Aspergers and college courses are a rough mix. She stresses easily and frequently due to her college load. Her face has become a barometer for the stress and anxiety that she is going through even though her words don't state it).

This semester has been worse for her, no thanks to a new counselor. On Mondays alone, her classes last from 8am-9pm with only one 25 minute break.

So Mother to the rescue! So now I sit and home school once again but  a bit differently.

Now I sit and type up page after page of  lecture notes and discuss the subject matter of each class to help her remember the material since she is lacking in short-term memory skill but can recall when it is audial (an Aspie trait I've been told).

 I have to say I have learned more than I wanted to know about the political and environmental aspect of college, that I didn't know in my days college.

We are now searching for a new school for her to transfer. Maybe my days of homeschooling with be coming to an end or start gearing up once again. Like parenthood itself, it never quite ceases.


The Simple Woman's Daybook is hosted by Peggy.  Click here for the link to join in.
(outside my window)
 Our front seems to be a short-cut for school buses. 

(I am thinking)

making a list of University tours for the Fall semester

(I am thankful)
for my family because when it gets down to the more serious events in your life, it is just you and them. No friends, no work buddies....just family

(I am wearing)

Black Tee that says 'human' with a UPC code, red shorts, red macrame bracelet and feathered earring, no shoes (don't wear 'em)

(I am creating)

(I am going)

To college, to pay off my dog's Vet bill and to the local fruit stand. 

(I am reading)

articles on http://www.raptitude.com/   A very positive and zen like site.

(I am hoping)

 That my prayers will be answered and my oldest will get better from her aggravated cough

(I am watching)

or listening to it actually, my husband is watching it

(In my kitchen)

Quiet and Clean; in the process of making veggie laden smoothies for my husband (so he gets some kind of vegetable intake. :)

(A peek into one of my days)
Arise at 7am, do meditation in back yard while everyone else is still asleep, feed animals, prepare coffee, make breakfast, take youngest to school, make breakfast for myself, clean kitchen, vacuum and sweep, make menu for dinner, type notes, plan study time for individual classes, pick up youngest from school, then take her back after lunch, then bring her home again, etc, etc. Make certain husband takes medications, go on walk with husband. Study session, prepare dinner, wash dishes, feed animals ending with meditation once again. One big circle.

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  1. Love your blog! I hope everything works out okay for your daughter and with the college. My daughter finished her homeschooling in 2014, and I have just a little over 2 years left with my son. I'm excited though, because my daughter has a baby boy about to be a year old, and I can keep up the homeschooling along with her (she has always wanted to homeschool any children she had). I hope you're having a great weekend so far.

  2. Thank you so much Kathy. I pray mine don't have babies for loooong while yet!



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