Monday, April 25, 2016

Simple Daybook 4/25/2016

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For Today.....April 25,2016

(outside my window)

Green elm trees swaying in the gentle breeze with remnants of an oncoming storm that will arrive soon.
(I am thinking)
 About the horrible bullying in Tennessee City and how thankful for being guided to home school my children.

(I am thankful)
That my precious Phoebe will be alright and has 
only arthritis. Welcome to the world of aging

(I am creating)
Nothing at the moment. It's so difficult to create anything when the drowsy effect of pain pills take over. 

(I am wondering)

about making my vegetable garden in the front yard.

(I am reading)
Still reading The Alchemist by Micheal Scott
(I am hoping)
to hurry up and get through my disability hearing

(I am learning)
how to cope with not being productive in the traditional way

(In my garden)
Filled with Texas native plants, herbs and veggies

(in my kitchen)

making fried squash, corn bread, and beans

(favorite quote)

(What I'm watching)
The Story of God with Morgan Freeman
(A Peak into One of My Days)

Fed animals, took pain meds, fixed breakfast for husband, took youngest to college, went food shopping, picked up daughter, finished household chores, took daughter back to school, helped oldest started a string quilt, went to vet to pick up cat, prepared dinner, took youngest to her night class and picked her up.


(one of my favorite things)
string quilting

(from the board room)

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