Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Big 'D' Word/Daybook

Oh my days, these days, get longer and more arduous.

As I have spoken about here before, I have several disabilities; Lupus, osteoarthritis, congenital hip, spondylosis and spodylithesis. The last two are the worst at the moment since they are both debilitating and degenerative. They keep me from working, sitting or standing(for very long).

However, through time my entire family is now considered Disabled. My oldest is what it referred to as 'classic high functioning autism', if something like that be 'classic' and bipolar, my youngest has Asperger syndrome and now has been diagnosed with clinical depression and, of course my husband of 25 years, who is diabetic and has heart and femoral issues.

I drive to a neighboring town for doctor appointments three times a week and take my youngest to college classes four days a week and various other trips for the oldest autistic and, errands that require me to drive between 30 min to an hour and a half on a daily basis not to mention my own doctor trips (however I have nobody to drive me LOL).

I feel drained from my chauffeuring and my own disease. I often wonder what G-d was thinking when he decided that I could do this. I suppose I have something in common with Mother Theresa in her thought of "I know G-d will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much.

Yet when people ask me why I don't work or why I walk a certain way and I explain my situation, I get those looks. The looks that say, 'you dont look disabled' or 'you're just trying to get food stamps that you dont deserve'. During this Presidential campaign season, the looks and attitude, and sometimes, even nasty comments over the 'D' word.  I was even informed that the clinic that I take both my autistic and asperger daughters to that they have had to hire security guards due to people screaming and attacking its patients.

Yes, it is not a good time to be disabled.

I hear how states are coming with laws about certain groups of people and it makes me remember the stories that my bubbie would tell me of they were treated in Germany in the 1930's!  Those who were disabled and older were treated pretty much the same. A lot of my Jewish friends talk about the hatred of Mr. Trump is a lot what their own grandparents have told them about the early days of Hitler   Some even talk about the repeating of know that history we keep ignoring.

Yes sad times and I pray that G-d is hearing our cries because I don't like re-runs. 


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For Today.....April 13

(outside my window)
We have had a heavy storm. Can you tell?
(I am thinking)
Our upcoming vacation...our first!

(I am thankful)
for not having to go anywhere for another 12 hours
(I am creating)

Psychology notes

(I am wondering)

If I will be able to get my daughter through this semester in one piece.

(I am reading)
The Alchemist by Micheal Scott
(I am hoping)
That my husband will allow me to make an appointment for him with a cardiologist
(I am learning)
how to meditate to alleviate my pain
(In my garden)
well it doesn't look very pretty since I have just tilled and planting
(in my kitchen)
baked banana bread

(favorite quote)
(A peek into one of my days)
Feed cats; indoor and out, didn't feed dog because of tummy problems, put on laundry, make veggie omelet for hubby, feed both daughters, took daughter to college, went to grocery store and computer store, made doctor appointments, had my own breakfast, worked on typing up psych notes for youngest, fixed oldest's hair, went to pick up youngest, took youngest back to school, rewrapped husband's diabetic would on foot. repaired old Christmas decorations, picked youngest up, helped oldest with the quilt that she is hand quilting. 
(one of my favorite things)
listening to 60s folk music on Pandora
 In fact I take great pleasure in embarrasing my youngest while singing and dancing to my favorites tunes! It's great to be a parent sometimes!
(from the board room)

I agree with Kathy. I adore Downton Abbey. Imagine a show with zombies OR vampires!!


  1. Oh, Shirley, I will be keeping you, and your entire family, in my prayers! You definitely have your plate full. I absolutely LOVE 60s folk songs. I always said I think my birth parents were beatniks or hippies, given the year of my birth and location (large college town). Your banana bread looks delicious, and now I just may have to bake a loaf myself. I know, isn't Downton Abbey the greatest? My daughter and I binge watched all of the seasons, except this last and final season. We have yet to finish it (so no big spoilers). She is so busy with her sweet baby boy, that we don't have the luxury to sit and watch the whole season straight through like we used to. You have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Kathy! I spent a short period of time in a commune and got to go to Woodstock though I was pretty you. Although I love other types of music (with the exception of Rap), the 60s are my favorite.
    What is the name of your town? I used to live in a college town myself and hope to return; I loved it so.



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