Sunday, April 24, 2016

Too Tired

This week has been one of highs and lows. G, who has been suffering through a diabetic wound for for the six month, is finally healing to the point that the doctor thinks that soon he will be released from his therapeutic boot. We have also been experimenting in meds with my oldest, autistic, daughter. I think we might have found something that actually works for her aggressive depression while her younger sister will have to go to the doctor for something stronger.

On the bright side, we have gotten the youngest help through a college program called TRIO. It has definitely helped her psychologically. I cannot wait for the!

 Now, my favorite kitty is at the local vet due to feline arthritis and we have to make a lot of changes since we won't be able to jump on high furniture.
For me this just increases my stress level, medicine or no medicine, I have to drive everyone everywhere, help manage school routines, deal with ever changing moods, among than listen to the worst one....What's for supper
I try to stay in good frame of mine but it is so difficult being pulled in all directions.

I pray a lot and have rejected as much negative influences but it still makes it tough. So much that now I'm on pain killers myself which makes driving and erand-running even more tasking.

I just hope it comes to an end soon for I get the feeling that age is creeping upon me a lot faster than I wish 


  1. I hope everything gets better! Good to hear the boot might finally be able to come off.

  2. Thanks and I hope you survive all that drama! I know it can feel never ending.


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