Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Another Texas Rain

This is my back yard. 

This is the rainy season in North Texas.  Fortunately, I decided to plant my seedlings in large pots in the front and back yard. 
This weather I love. It makes me feel more creative and even energetic. 
My daughter like my dog isn't thrilled over it. She expects the storm of the century to arrive. morning was overtaken with the non-enviable task of taking the youngest to get registered for her Fall semester of college. She had a rough past semester due to a newbie counselor who didn't listen to her when she told her NOT to give her certain intense classes(3-hour psychology class, Algebra, Government and Environment Bio). But the woman did anyway and she failed 3 out of 4 of her classes and had multiple panic attacks. 

After the semester was over, we had to take her to the doctor for antidepressants. This time, I made a list and let certain individuals know that we would be doing what I stated she would be taking and they were not going to railroad a young girl...again. After 15 years of each of teaching I pretty much know the reasons why they do something. I don't blame them but I do get peeved when they don't listen 

I was more than happy to return home to my comfy sofa and my cross stitch! 

After spending several days finishing off projects that have been in my stash box, I returned to my small piece of a pet food mat for my seven furbabies . It always seems to be the that I put on the back burner although they really need the washable pet mat. I swear this time I will get it finish.

Well, I really have no excuses since college has let out and my disability hearing isn't for a few more weeks and the weather is in the right frame of mind..

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