Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day/Daybook

 Happy Mother's Day to those who wish it. I don't particularly.

For those who are my age (ahem, and we won't ask or tell), it is more of a time for 'reflection' and, quite frankly sadness. When mother's are new at the game, they revel in flowers, cards and a pricey meal.  

However, as you become older, you remember those that are gone from us or grown children that don't call and it becomes a melancholy state. Memories of what was. Of course, having special needs adult children, you learn not to make a fuss or expect anything at all for Autistic are not known for remembering holidays or feeling the emotions that come with it. I don't mind and I do find it humorous when I announce that I am not making dinner (because of the day) and watch them all sprint into action when they realize that fresh clothes and a hot meal will not be coming unless they do it. 

Honestly, I find Mother's Day a rather somber occasion when I remember the women in my life, especially my mother. 

We had a rather terse relationship in those teen to early adult years with the both of us making mistakes that were filled with regret. But as one ages, we are reminded of how smart our mothers and not the insipid idiots we thought they were when we were all in high school.
My mother died a very painful death due to multiple cancers that lasted over ten years and yet, those ten years were when we became best friends. We had learned how to forgive each other for stupid mistakes and just....move on. 

I don't believe that is something most mothers and daughters can do very successfully but they ought to. In the time of social media, we have lost those ever important but elusive abilities to just talk. Something, I think will be harder for my own daughters to learn since they are in that awful generation of not knowing the art of conversation. Between Autism and Facebook, they will lose the path to knowing and feeling and be lost to the world of forgiveness and remembrance.  

I often wonder how I will be remember on their future Mother's Day.

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 For today, May 8,2016
(outside my window)

Yet another storm approaches so my view is askew with branches filled with bright green leaves slashing about as if they were in a swashbuckling fight with a evil foe

(I am thinking)
About my horrendous schedule tomorrow which consists of getting my youngest to the first of her college finals and getting myself to the lawyer's office to discuss my pending hearing. 
(I am thankful)
for my family. For we have few true friends here so I am thankful for what I do have. I am also thankful for my poor, dilapidated house. Poor thing is falling apart but it's trying it's best to stay together. 

(I am wondering)
how long we stay here. Both my husband and I have made the decision to leave but putting away more money and being able to search for a home 5-1/2 hours away will definitely take time. 
(I am reading)
for those of you with elderly parents, a must read. Quite poignant and funny

(in the kitchen)
nothing at all. Dishes in the sink and nothing cooking at all. Why do I think that they thought I was kidding about 'taking the day off because its Mothers Day'?

(I am hoping)
that we do not have another flood-like storm. Three are enough!

(I am learning)
three dimensional beading

(board room)

(amen)   (credit: lifehack)

(in the garden)
tomatoes, sage, catnip, rosemary, carrots and more are all going well. We decided to also grow some in large pots in the front. The make food not lawns philosophy. :)
(What I'm watching)
The story of God with Morgan Freeman)

 (One of my favorite things)

   know that there is such a debate about kindles vs. physical texts but this has been my lifeline in a way. I adore my Kindle paper white. It's not another tablet; it is just for READING. Books are cheaper and for those of us with is definitely a G-d send.

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