Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My enduring cold is finally beginning to lift but still I am exhausted. I think my youngest would appreciate is I got well since I keep giving her one chore after another (of mine) to do because I just can't seem to stay awake long enough. I even tried sitting at my desktop computer but I fell asleep there as well!

Through more lucid (and non drowsy) times I spent of my non-coughing period, I have been really enjoying the solitude of cross stitching. I was never one for socializing and preferred being alone. So stitching brought enjoyment of being alone with my boy Lightning and Mr. Bach.

Most don't understand the need for such solitary living and I suppose it has something to do with my living in such isolated surroundings such as New Mexico, the rocky mountains and the Scottish Highlands. But I think I would rather have it that way. I've noticed through places like Facebook, how strangers speak to each other and I think I would rather be alone. Cold or otherwise.

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