Thursday, May 12, 2016

What is truly a "Friend"

My morning ritual is to rise very early, meditate and then to sit, with my cup of herbal tea, watch the news. This morning, it was The Today Show and a subject that has perplexed me for a while.

That subject is friendship. It was brought up that social scientists have decided that the people that we think are our friends, do not reciprocate. In essence, who we believe are our friends...aren't.

Then, what is a true friend?  This is something that I've pondered for many years. Just because a person has similar beliefs does not make that person a friend. This is obvious in 'work' friends. If one leaves that position, usually that friend disappears from one's life. Truly not a friend but is a true acquaintance. Do they still have similar beliefs? I'm certain. Does that make that person a bad person. No.

That does not make a true friend.

I've had friends for many many years that understand me, even if we don't talk for long periods. When we do,you would not believe we had other parted. There are others speaking on a constant basis is a struggle. I find them to be acquaintances.

I recently ended a friendship such as that but it was over years ago. Much like a bad marriage; it was just time. Honestly, as I have searched for a reason, it is difficult to realize that we weren't really friends at all but that acquaintance. We had few things in common as we aged, our ideal of conscious was not the same or similar and even a majority of our interests weren't common.

Not that I would be angry towards her or even think negative thoughts. But being true friends has never been a part of our relationship. I think it was laziness on both our parts to finally end it. Funny thing was, I wasn't upset. I am certain that was a sign that it was meant to be.

Nowadays, I have few 'true friends' but what I have, I know, deep down who and what they are. I don't feel as is I have to hide my feelings without hurting them. I can call on them when I am in great need and that is important to me. And I would rather have one true one rather than many not-so-much.

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